The Jinyun Mountain North Hot

The Jinyun Mountain North Hot Spring Resort


Luxuriant trees and bamboo forests available in four seasons

smoke rise from warm water, forming beautiful clouds

The 1-hour traffic circle formed by three-dimensional traffic network such as airport, high-speed railway, train and passenger transportation

11.55 square kilometers including Northern Hot Spring, Shili hot Spring City, Jinyun Mountain, Chengjiang Town and other areas


Jinyun Mountain North Hot Spring Tourism Resort is located in Beibei District in the northwest of the main city of Chongqing, east to the exit of Lanhai Expressway (G75) in Beiwenquan Street, west to Maziwan, Wuyi Village, Chengjiang Town, and Quansheng Village, Chengjiang Town, North The bus station of Caojie Power Station is connected to Jinyun Mountain in the south. The planned area includes Beiwenquan, Houshan Jinyun Mountain, Chengjiang Town and other areas, with a total area of 11.55 square kilometers. In 2016, Chongqing Beibei North Hot Spring-Jinyun Mountain Tourism Resort was officially approved. In 2020, the establishment of the Jinyun Mountain-North Hot Spring Tourism Resort Management Office was approved by the Organization Establishment Committee of the Chongqing Beibei District Committee.

The resort area has convenient transportation. The 1-hour traffic circle formed by three-dimensional transportation network such as airport, high-speed railway, train and passenger transport radiates to chongqing and other tourist destinations in surrounding areas.


At the foot of Jinyun Mountain  beside the Jialing River

The resort is located on the banks of the Jialing River under Jinyun Mountain and is naturally connected to Wentang Gorge of the Jialing River. The altitude ranges from 256 meters to 951 meters, forming a unique three-dimensional health climate. The natural conditions here are superior, the vegetation coverage rate is high, the air quality is good, and the natural scenery is beautiful. "Luxuriant trees and bamboo forests available in four seasons, smoke rise from warm water, forming beautiful clouds." This is an excellent place to relax and refresh the heart.


Best hot spring in the world

The resort is rich in hot spring reserves, has a long history of using hot spring resources, and has a deep accumulation of hot spring tourism culture. It has the longest developed natural artesian hot spring in China, and was reputed as "the best spring in the world" in the Qing Dynasty.There are a number of star hot spring resort hotels in the resort. Based on the different qualities of the hot spring’s water, a variety of hot spring bath products such as featured radon hot spring bath, Strontium hot spring bath in Xinjing open karst cave, and sulphate hot spring bath in Bailian Garden have been developed successively, forming the holiday atmosphere of the spa destination with different characteristics.


Cultural heritage

Diverse cultural forms, rich historical sites, a gathering of history and humanities, and a long cultural history

The resort has diversified cultural forms, rich historical relics, a conglomeration of historical and cultural persons and a long cultural history.Northern Hot Spring is the earliest developed hot spring in the world, 200 years earlier than the earliest Youma hot spring in Japan.Jinyun Temple, the only kaiye ancient Buddhist ashram in China dating back to 1600 years ago, was once the site of the "Sino-Tibetan Monastery" and the birthplace of "earthly Buddhism". It has influenced the pattern of Buddhism in the whole world and laid the foundation of the unique religious culture in this region.A large number of historical sites, represented by the former residences of celebrities such as "Five Famous Buildings" and Lu Zuofu, as well as the former office sites of Deng Xiaoping, Liu Bocheng and He Long, showing us the Anti-Japanese War culture against the background of the Anti-japanese national United front.The site of Fudan University and the site of western Academy of Sciences show us the scientific spirit under the background of Anti-Japanese War culture.With a history of more than 300 years, jingangbei ancient village is the epitome of Bayu folk culture.The intangible cultural heritage of Beibei, such as root carving, benbei Dragon, beibei paper-cut, and leaf vein painting, also gives the culture of the resort a more vivid connotation and extension.


Best Place to Visit

The resort is the core part of Chongqing as the world's hot spring capital. It has been awarded as "the permanent location of the World Hot Spring Forum" by the World Hot Spring and Climate Health Federation. It has its only office in the Asia-Pacific region and the Hot Spring and Climate Health Tourism Research Institute. It has successively won the honorary titles of "International Best Leisure and Health Base", "National Top Ten Hot Spring Tourism Destinations", "China's Most Potential Scenic Spots", "National Ecological Civilization Education Base" and "National Climate Health Demonstration Base".

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