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I’ve been busy with my work all the time, and have no leisure. But today I suddenly had a chance to enjoy peacefulness.

For the first time in my life I seemed to have let down all the triage, free from care and worries.

The hot springs make the ancient caves noisy, and the sound of bells travel across the tall buildings

I was awake all night, and even forgot to sleep. Am I in the paradise? I myself cannot tell.

——Peng Yingqiu, A Night in the Hot Spring Temple


Chongqing Beibei Jinyun Mountain-North Hot Spring Tourism Resort is leaning against the towering Jinyun to the west and the vast Jialing to the east. The aura of the mountains and rivers nourishes countless charming scenery, the Jingang stele is quiet and elegant, the hot spring temple is quaint and solemn, the Wentang Gorge is full of breath, the golden orchard is beautiful and exquisite, and the Meilingtang, Bibei River, Chengjiang Old Street and more than a hundred scenery are all fascinating and make tourists linger.

Among them, the most distinctive is the 1600-year-old North Hot Spring. After the people of Beibei blended the concept of health and wellness with Bayu culture, they made use of the unique natural hot spring resources of Northern Hot Spring, equipped with scientific health care services, and added exciting recreational projects in all seasons, creating a unique hot spring health resort paradise.


Long History and Pleasant Hot Springs


Bei Hot Spring, built in the first year of Jingping Liu Song in the Southern Dynasty, is one of the earliest hot springs developed and utilized in China and even in the world. For more than a thousand years, literati and scholars such as Zhou Dunyi, Feng Shixing, Huang Yanpei, Liang Shuming have come here to enjoy natural hot springs and write poetry through the ages. In 1927, Mr. Lu Zuofu founded the Jialing River Hot Spring Park, which was open to all people and became the earliest citizen park in China. After the liberation, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Liu Bocheng, Chen Yi, Nie Rongzhen, etc. also lived or rested here.

     All this comes from the unique hot spring resources of North Hot Spring. Chongqing is rich in hot springs, and Northern Hot Spring is one of the top five springs in Bayu for its pure water quality and suitable temperature. There are 10 springs in Northern Hot Spring, the total amount of water is 10,000 cubic meters per day, and the outlet water temperature is 40°C, which is a good choice for health and leisure. A variety of mineral hot springs have been generated in the Northern Hot Springs, and their richness is rare in the world. Among them, radon hot springs and strontium hot springs are the most distinctive, which have been highly praised by Emberto Soliman, chairman of the World Hot Springs and Climate Health Federation.


Radon Spring, also known as "Rejuvenation Spring", helps to slow down aging, reduce fatigue and pain. Radon can promote the metabolism of human tissues and skin, and balance endocrine.


Strontium spring has the function of promoting the development of bones and teeth, and can delay the aging of the human body. Strontium can reduce the body's absorption of sodium, and has the effect of preventing "three highs" and cardiovascular diseases.


There are also special hot springs such as sulfate springs and acid sulfur springs. They have their own efficacies and unique characteristics. The rich natural resources have laid the cornerstone for the flourishment of ten-kilometer hot springs in the resort.


The resort area is the core of Chongqing as the world's hot spring capital. It has been awarded as "the permanent site of the World Hot Spring Forum" by the World Hot Spring and Climate Health Federation. It has its only office in the Asia-Pacific region and the Hot Spring and Climate Health Tourism Research Institute. It has successively won the honorary titles of "International Best Leisure and Health Base", "National Top Ten Hot Spring Tourism Destinations", "China's Most Potential Scenic Spots", "National Ecological Civilization Education Base", and "National Climate Health Demonstration Base".


Unique and Healthy


     The characteristic hot spring vacation in the resort is based on various types of hot springs, with unique health products as the highlight. In the resort area, you can enjoy not only natural hot springs, but also a series of scientific and healthy life based on the water quality of the north hot springs.

     In 2018, with the support of the Chongqing Tourism Development Committee, the Asia-Pacific (Chongqing) Hot Spring and Climate Health Research Institute settled in Beibei, and more than 10 world hot spring health experts served as the first batch of consultants for the research institute. With the help of the wisdom and experience of hot spring experts from all over the world, with the five dimensions of "nourishing, eating, learning, housing, and purchasing", innovative hot spring treatment plans have been created to build a world-class hot spring resort.

    Nourishing: In Northern Hot Springs, different types of hot springs in the same area are scientifically divided, forming different hot spring products. Various SPAs that integrate traditional Chinese medicine health philosophy; forest therapy and climate therapy relying on high-quality climate; hot spring water exercises, hot spring yoga, health-preserving Tai Chi and so on.

     Eating: Combining gourmet food with hot springs, hot spring health food therapy will help you cultivate your body and mind from within. There are also more than a dozen Chinese and foreign cuisines that combine regional characteristics and focus on spicy, spicy, fresh, tender and hot.

    Learning: Hot springs are integrated with traditional health care. In the resort area, you can participate in Chinese culture experience courses, meditation and health, enjoy vegetarian food, Taoist wine, etc., and feel the meditation culture and Taoist culture. From body to mind, relax in all means.

   Housing: The hot spring hotel complex in the resort area has its own characteristics. There are modern Chinese-style buildings that integrate Chongqing's local stilted buildings, there are also garden-style pools that follow the principle of "yin and yang, five elements", and garden-style buildings with the theme of "bamboo" hidden among bamboo forests. ..... The holiday atmosphere is strong. Whether it is a family trip, a solo trip, or a group trip, it can be satisfied.

    Purchasing: Rely on local hot spring resources, develop series of hot spring toners, hot spring facial masks and other hot spring derivative products.

   Take the hot spring as the base and provide health care services. The hot spring vacation in Jinyun Mountain-North Hot Spring Resort aims to nourish the life of the guests from body to heart, from material to spiritual, and create a holiday with leisure and entertainment as well as cultural satisfaction.


Scenery Everywhere, All the Time


     Bath in spring, the rising sun solidifies; bath in summer, the heat can be removed; bath in autumn, lung and intestines are moisturized; bath in winter, belly is warmed. Hot springs can be enjoyed from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, and the scenery of hot spring vacation here is always new throughout the seasons.

     Enjoy flowers in spring. From a hundred meters away, you can smell the delicate roses, the gorgeous Gesang along the river, the dreamy jacaranda...

     Enjoy the coolness in summer, the mountains and forests are quiet and cool, and the valleys are icy...

     Pick fruits in autumn, taste the terroir of Beibei, and feel the gift of nature...

     Appreciate the snow in winter when the snowflakes are in full bloom, the air will condense into frost, admire the whiteness of the world.

     The joy around the hot spring never ceases. A rich holiday must never stop indoors. The characteristic hot spring vacation in Jinyun Mountain-North Hot Spring Tourism Resort is not only nourished by hot springs, but also beautiful scenery of the four seasons.

     With unique resources and ingenious configuration, the hot spring resort is shining brightly. Following the concept of Chinese medicine health preservation and containing the spirit of Bayu landscape, it transcends the scope of ordinary travel. It aims to rejuvenate the body and mind, appreciate the landscape of Beibei, and appreciate the splendor of the world's hot spring valley.

     Enjoy the hot spring life and appreciate the scenery of Jinyun. A unique hot spring vacation is waiting for you in Beibei Jinyun Mountain North Hot Spring Resort.

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