Beibei Bean Curd


    Along the Jialing River, it is good to make bean curd and eat bean curd. But the most famous one is just like the old saying-"Beibei Douhua Tutuo Wine", the good Douhua is Beibei. When Beibeichang was not famous, its bean curd was famous.

What is so good about Beibei Douhua? It is nothing more than ingredients and methods that bring a different feeling.
Ingredients, including beans, gall bladder, various ingredients, and easily overlooked, water. For beans, use beans from Wenxingchang, Daijiagou, and Groove. They are golden in color and full of grains. For bravery, you need to use the bravery from Zigong and Leshan for the taste. Water is naturally mountain spring water.



Preparation method:
1. To make bean curd, first beat the soybeans into petals, remove the shells, soak in spring water, soak for 2 to 3 hours in summer and 4 to 5 hours in winter, then stone and push the pulp, filter out the bean dregs with cloth, and heat in a pot . Pay attention to squeeze out the bean dregs juice as much as possible. Once the bean dregs are dried, you can use them. Besides, more juicy, more bean curd, this is the result of hard work, don't waste it. Heat the soy milk. When it is about to rise, stir the soy milk gently to prevent overflow. Stir the soy milk, it is best to use a bamboo board as long as two feet long, to be light, slow and even. Stir in a counterclockwise direction. Continue for a few minutes after rising, turn off the heat, wait until the soy milk is slightly cold, and then enter the next step, ordering bean curd.
2. To transform beancurd, of course it is better to use danba. Although this requires more skills, the taste is really different. Adjust the right amount of bile to water, or directly add it to the slightly hot soy milk, or scoop a bowl of soy milk and add bile water and transform.
3. Make bile water, but also pay attention to it slowly, evenly, from more to less, use the bamboo board to help the bile water enter the bottom of the soy milk as soon as possible, and then slowly and slowly let the bamboo board stir as far as possible from the bottom to the top, from the inside to the outside , Can be troublesome, can be laborious, and meticulous work is on this. Seeing the soy milk, from bottom to top, flocculents have grown, began to accumulate, and begin to settle, so the soy milk is driven to the precipitation position, from the outside to the inside. At this time, there will be a Wang Qingquan appearing in the milky white soy milk, and then using a bamboo board to take that Wang Qingquan around. The clear spring will gradually increase, and the soy milk will gradually become a cloud of white clouds floating in the clear spring. . At this time, use Shao Kei to gently press from the outside to the inside to help the white cloud shrink, and scoop out too much spring water a little bit. In the pot, there will be a sheep slowly lying in the clear spring. In the bowl, the little sheep can gently stick out its head, sway but not fall, playfully tease the diners.
The bean curd made in this way is very distinctive when eaten alone with white flavor. It is dense and dense, looks tender, smells fragrant, has a sweet mouth and a smooth lower throat.

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