Fried bacon with bamboo shoots


     On Jinyun Mountain, there are trees and bamboo forests everywhere, lush and green. The special geographical environment gave birth to natural delicacies-mangosteen shoots with thin shells, thick flesh, tender texture, and delicious sweetness.

The refreshing bamboo shoots and the fragrant bacon is the most classic match.
The bacon in Chongqing is bacon. Cut the pork into a size that is convenient for processing and storage. Fry the seasonings to give them a fragrance. Spread them evenly on the meat. After putting it in a basin, turn it over every 3-5 days, and drain the water in about 10 days. . Finally, prepare some Jinyunshan pine tree branches or stumps and put them in the firepit to keep it burning, and smoke the meat with the rising smoke and heat. Because the smoking process takes a long time, is slow and full, and the burning pine branches have a special fragrance, the smoked bacon has the same color in the table, the color is brown, the taste is particularly mellow, and it is natural.



Preparation method:
1. Wash the dried bacon in cold water, cook it in a pressure cooker and then remove it. Cut the bacon into pieces, cut the marinated bamboo shoots into slices, and cut the red and green peppers into pieces.
2. Pour oil into the pot and heat to 50% heat, put the bacon slices into the pot and fry on low heat. Fry slowly. After frying the bacon to golden brown on one side, turn it over with chopsticks and continue frying on the other side. During this process, the fatty meat will be oily and the bacon will be fragrant. After frying a lot of oil, you can add bamboo shoots.
3. After stirring the vegetables a few times, pour the soy sauce and salt into the pot to taste. Stir-fry thoroughly to make the dishes delicious, add the green peppers and red peppers to the pot. Continue to stir-fry until the chilies are soft, and finally add the sauce to taste.
Stir-fried bacon with bamboo shoots is typical in farm cooking. The fragrance of bamboo shoots is mixed with the scent of bacon. The lightness and salty meat blend together. The spiciness and scent are overflowing and refreshing. This is delicacy based on bacon and bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots are fresh and fragrant, the bacon is strong, and the bean drum is added, which is timeless and unusual.

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