Jinyun Alcohol Chicken

    Jinyun Alcohol Chicken is a special delicacy that is as famous as Nanshan Spring Water Chicken, Geleshan Spicy Chicken, and Tieshanping Pepper Chicken. The four brothers have jointly supported the famous "Bayu Four Chickens".

Why is this chicken named after being drunk? According to legend, Huangdi Xuanyuan visited Bashan and rested at Jinyun's home. Jinyun quickly killed a few local chickens for cooking, and mistakenly used rice wine as a condiment in a panic. What is pleasantly surprised is that the fragrant wine and the chicken aroma are fused together, and the smell is overflowing. After the cooking, the chicken still has an attractive fragrance, which makes people's appetites great. After Xuanyuan Huangdi tasted it, he praised it: "Roasted chicken with rice wine, delicious taste". In this regard, the "Jinyun Drunken Chicken" came out, and later generations continued to improve it. The Jinyun Drunken Chicken has only been passed down to this day.



Preparation method:
1. Slaughter and clean the Jinyun Pao pheasant, chop it into 4-cm square pieces, and marinate them in a pot with rice wine for ten minutes. Put the marinated chicken nuggets into a frying pan, and drain the oil for later use.
2. Bring the net pot to the heat, add vegetable oil and lard to heat, add sliced ginger, garlic, and dried red pepper and stir fry well. Add the chicken nuggets and turn to a low heat to stir dry. Add the Pixian watercress, tangerine peel, Stir fry evenly with spices such as star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf, and amomum. Boil beer and red wine, boil, and then pour the soup into the pressure cooker, apply pressure until the chicken pieces are soft and waxy.
3. Pour the chicken nuggets and the soup in the pressure cooker into the pot, cook in the wine, collect the juice over medium heat, and serve.
Jinyun Drunken Chicken is known for its "tenderness, glutinousness and smoothness". It is suitable for all ages. MSG is not added in the cooking process, but it is full of fragrance, and the color is red and bright. What's more, it has a little sweetness. Nowadays, after visiting Jinyun Mountain, among the green mountains and green bamboos, a unique flavor of the landmark delicacy Jinyun Drunken Chicken has become an important reason for many tourists to linger.

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