The Northern Hot Spring Park.

     Hello, everyone, welcome to the Northern Hot Spring Park.

   The Northern Hot Spring Park is located in Jinyun Mountain Northern Hot Spring Resort. At the foot of Jinyun Mountain, near the Jialing River bank, Northern Hot Spring Park has a very long history. In the first year of Jingping in song Dynasty (423 AD), an eminent monk named Ciying traveled to Beibei Jinyun Mountain and found a clear spring between the valleys which was jasper, gentle and nourishing, and built a hot spring temple here, which has become today's Northern Hot Spring. In the May of 1927, under the initiative of the famous patriotic industrialist Lu Zuofu, the celebrities from Bashu districts raised donations and built Jialing River Hot Spring Park here, which was later renamed as Northern Hot Spring Park. The park integrates mountains, water, gorges, springs, caves, rocks and temples, and is known for its compactness and elegance.
    The North hot spring is the crown of five springs in Bayu, and it was reputed as "the best spring" in Qing Dynasty. There are "four uniques" in the North Hot Springs: "cloud root spring cascading, gurgling responding to the pine waves", this is the first unique; springs in the palace pond, "green algae in the water, red fish swimming", this is the second unique; its spring water calcium content ranks first in Chongqing's hot springs and contains trace elements and radon gas, with very good medical effect, this is the third unique; there are as many as 10 springs, the spring flow is large, with daily water output of 10,000 cubic meters, and water temperature of 40 ℃, it is suitable for bathing and swimming all year round, this is the fourth unique. Under the curtain of the hot spring water, let the hot spring waterfalls hydrate your skin, refreshing your heart and spleen.
   There are many scenic spots and historic sites in North Hot Spring Park, among which the one-thousand-year old hot Spring Temple is the Lower house of Jinyun Temple. After Dongyang county being established in Beibei in the Southern Qi, the temple had flourished. In the end of the Song Dynasty, it was destroyed by the collapse of rocks. The existing hot spring temple was rebuilt in the Ming and Qing dynasties.
    Ruhua Cave is a sandstone fissured cave beside Feiquan in Beiquan Park. Due to the fact that the limestone composition is brought into the cave during the underground water flow and deposited on the surface, it is mistaken for a real cave. Therefore, it is called "the best fake cave in the world". It was formed more than 38,000 years ago, making it a wonder of the world.
The Wulongbi spring in the upper part of The Liucui Garden is made of green stone, 24 meters long and 3 meters high. There are five flying dragons carved on the wall, with the dragon’s head protruding straight out from the green stone wall and teeth and claws stretching. The hot springs flow straight down to the clear pond, forming a three-dimensional picture of the five dragons walking in the rain.
    The five famous buildings in the park are The Berlin Tower, the Shufan Tower, the bamboo tower, the farm and the chime Room. Shufan Tower is built near the mountain river, from which the sails on the river can be seen. Zhu De, Guo Moruo and several other revolutionary predecessors have lived here. The farm, built in 1928, was also used by the leaders of Communist Party of China such as Ye Jianying and Zhao Ziyang.

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