The Banyan Tree

     Hello and welcome to Banyan Tree Hotel of Chongqing.

    Misty mountain peaks, grotesque rocky caves, lush trees and perfectly preserved historical sites... As the first luxury hot spring resort of Banyan Tree Group, Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei is located in the beautiful Jinyun Mountain North Hot Spring Resort .
The natural scenery of Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei is extremely beautiful, and the hotel is surrounded by rolling mountains and winding streams. The literary and artistic architectural style, the natural and comfortable accommodation experience, and the soothing and relaxing hot spring spa will bring you an enchanting and graceful enjoyment and a luxurious and modern mountain vacation experience.
    Banyan Tree includes 107 suites and villas, offering a variety of accommodation options. The suites are equipped with a private hot spring bath; in addition to the private hot spring bath, the villa also has a private swimming pool. The surrounding natural environment of the resort is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The exterior adopts the architectural style of the Republic of China, combined with Chinese and Western elements and the traditional Chongqing residential style, with rich cultural characteristics embedded in it.
   Banyan Tree is magnificently decorated, with heavy mahogany furniture, natural marble floors, neutralcolors of walls and cloth products, the famous Shu embroidery, Shu brocade and lacquer ware...The modern technique combines the delicate interior decoration with the traditional culture, deducing the Chinese style elegance.The modern technique combines the exquisite interior and traditional culture to interpret Chinese elegance. The noble and elegant environment, humane and considerate service and first-class modern facilities and equipment...will accompany you to spend a good holiday here.
    Hot spring water rich in calcium sulfate, magnesium, potassium and other minerals is introduced to The Beibei Yurian SPA in Chongqing. Soaking in the warm spring water for 15 minutes, your body can better absorbed the minerals in the hot spring and the nourishing ingredients in the massage essential oil. The spiritual techniques of skilled therapists are enough to awaken the senses and allow you to experience the essence of Banyan Tree Spa.
   There's more thing to do than just resting and relaxing -- swimming in a heated pool, sweating in a fitness center, meditating in a yoga studio... These are all good choices. Or go out of the hotel to explore the charming natural scenery and cultural customs around, climb Jinyun Nine Peaks, visit Jingangbei Ancient town, visit chengjiang Old Street, return to the hotel after playing tired, let the natural hot spring water help you get rid of the fatigue of a day.

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