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Cable car
The Jinyun Mountain tourist ropeway is one of the longest tourist ropeways in the country, with a total length of 1974 meters and a height difference of 450 meters between the upper and lower stations. A "ladder" is set up for tourists to watch the sunrise, view the sea of ​​clouds, escape the heat in summer and appreciate the fog in winter.
The bottom of the cable car: No. 1-7, Building 2, Shanshui, Beibei District;
Upper entrance of the cable car: at the gate of Jinyun Mountain Scenic Area;
Running time: 9:00-17:00;
Ticket price: 40 yuan for round trip, 30 yuan for upwards, 20 yuan for downwards.
Phone: 023-68219547
Tour bus
520 Beibei - along the Jinyun Mountain
Forward: First car: 07:20; Last car: 17:20
Reverse: first car: 08:00; last car: 17:40
Ticket price: 2 yuan
520 tour bus, starting from Beibei, passing by: Jinyun Mountain Cableway Station, from which you can take the ropeway to the entrance of Jinyun Mountain Scenic Area; Jingangbei Station, the stop is only a 5-minute walk from Jingangbei Ancient Town; Beiquan Station, walk after getting off the bus You can reach Bei Hot Spring within a hundred meters; the terminal station is Jinyun Mountain Station, next to the upper entrance of the ropeway and the ticket office of the scenic spot.
556 Beibei - along the hot spring city
Forward: First car: 07:50; Last car: 21:30
Reverse: First car: 08:20; Last car: 21:30
Ticket price: 2 yuan
The 556 tour bus departs from Beibei and passes by: Jinyun Mountain Cableway Station, Jingangbei Station, Beiquan Station, etc.; from Shili Hot Spring City Station to Dazhong Hot Spring Station, you can reach major hot spring hotels, Volkswagen Hot Springs, and Anti-Japanese War Relics Meiling Hall , Bibei River slow greenway and other destinations.
518 Beibei-along the Chengjiang River
Forward: First shift: 05:40; Last shift: 21:00
Reverse: first shift: 06:15; last shift: 21:35
The 518 tour bus departs from Beibei and passes by: Jinyun Mountain Ropeway Station, Jingangbei Station, Shili Hot Spring City Station, and finally Chengjiang Station. Walking from Chengjiang Station, you can see the amorous feelings of Chengjiang Old Street and reminisce the grand scene of Chengjiang Ferry.
Ticket price: 2 yuan
【Around traffic】
Bus station: Bus 584 (Jinyun Mountain Ropeway Station-Yunyi Intersection Station) -> Bus No. 583 (Yunyi Intersection Station-Beibei Bus Passenger Transport Center)
Railway station: Bus 511/510/556 (Jinyun Mountain Cableway Station-Wulukou Station) -> Metro Line 6 (Beibei Station-Ranjiaba Station) -> Rail Transit Circle Line (Ranjiaba Station-Chongqing North Station South Square Station)
High-speed rail station: Bus 511/556 (Jinyun Mountain Cableway Station-Beibei Station) ——> Bus 526 (Beibei-Chongqing West)
Airport: Bus No. 518/520/556 (Jinyun Mountain Ropeway Station-Wulukou Station) -> Metro Line 6 (Beibei Station-Lijia Station) -> Metro Guobo Line (Lijia Station-Yuelai Station)- —> Metro Line 10 (Yuelai Station Jiangbei Airport T2 Terminal)
[Guide to self-driving cars]
There are 5 parking lots in the resort area, with a total area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters. They are located near the main entrance of the scenic spot, North Hot Spring, Public Hot Spring, Hot Spring Hotel Group and other major attractions. Among them, the main entrance parking lot of the scenic spot is located near the King Kong Monument, which is very convenient; the North Hot Springs parking lot is inside the North Hot Springs Park and you can park after entering the park; if you drive to the Hot Spring Valley, you can park at the Xinjing and Dazhong Hot Spring parking lots. The above parking lots can be used free of charge.
【Travel Charter】
In order to facilitate the travel of tourists, Yukuai Bank provides charter and shuttle services in the resort area. There are two types of 5 seats and 7 seats. The chartered price is 600 yuan/8 hours or 650 yuan/8 hours; the single-line shuttle service costs around 170 yuan. The specific price is subject to real-time updates from the service provider.

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