Reservation Service

In order to make your tour more comfortable and convenient, the resort provides tour guide service, health SPA, tour charter and other reservation services.
【Tour Guide Service】
Book a tour guide to make your holiday in Jinyun Mountain Northern Hot Spring more colorful. Through the explanation of the tour guide, the ecological environment, humanities and history, and recreational items of the resort will be clearly displayed in front of you. A relaxing and enjoyable holiday can be obtained by calling the number below.
【Health SPA】
Banyan Tree has 3 standard, 5 deluxe and 1 royal treatment rooms. SPA integrates with the unique advantages of the North Hot Spring. First soak in the hot spring to nourish the skin and relax the mind; then do a massage to absorb the essential oils and hot spring essence. Unlock a unique hot spring SPA. For details, please call: 023-60308888 to 8200
【Travel Charter】
In order to make your holiday trip more relaxing and enjoyable, Yu express has prepared a full-day charter service with a dedicated driver. There are three types of vehicles, the price is 600 yuan/8 hours or 650 yuan/8 hours. There is also a single-line pick-up service, and the price is around 170 yuan according to the distance of the vehicle.
For details, scan the QR code below, or call: 023-68384666


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